Acquisition of Long Term Care Facility

Disciplines: Health Care; Finance; Community Relations

NLG represented a privately-held Massachusetts health care provider in connection with the acquisition of a long term care facility and related assets. The client tried unsuccessfully for several years to buy the facility, which was operated by a competitor. The client retained NLG to achieve a successful purchase. After examining the competitor’s financial statements and capital structure from public filings and internal documents, NLG identified the bondholders that held a note and mortgage against the facility. NLG negotiated a purchase of the note and mortgage at a steep discount, thereby securing the client’s position as holder of a senior security interest against the facility.

The client agreed to pay $4.5 million in exchange for $17.5 million in Massachusetts tax-free municipal bond debt. NLG led the negotiation both on price and structure, and worked directly with counsel for the client to negotiate and execute the contract documents. After acquisition, NLG responded to media inquiries, handled client communications relative to employment and community matters, and interfaced with subordinate accounts payable.


Achievement of License to Provide Nurse Education and Training

Disciplines: Education; Health Care; Licensing

NLG represented a private, proprietary occupational school headquartered in New York. The company maintains three New York campuses and one Massachusetts campus. The client retained NLG to achieve state approval for a program in Licensed Practical Nursing. The client had an application pending for more than a year, but was unable to advance the application or satisfy regulatory requirements.

NLG analyzed the applicable regulations, worked with campus staff to build a new application. Working with campus staff and inside counsel, NLG assured the client’s full regulatory compliance. NLG studied the financial aspects of the program to understand how and when the client would have to commit capital. After numerous interactions with the appropriate licensing authorities, the client achieved the requisite approvals. This success has allowed the client to build its curriculum, hire program administrators and faculty, and enroll students.


Securing of Managed Care Contract

Disciplines: Managed Care; Contract Administration

Our client, a provider of skilled nursing and assisted living services in Massachusetts, required assistance in achieving “contract status” with a regional Managed Care Plan (“MCP”). The achievement of such status would allow the client to grow revenue by attracting patients insured by the MCP.

NLG met with several members of the client senior executive team, and learned the financial impacts of contract. By reviewing public and internal documentation and financial statements, NLG analyzed how the client’s capabilities were superior to other contracted providers in the region. NLG then prepared a written application to demonstrate those capabilities to the MCP. Using NLG relationships internal and external to the MCP, the application was successful, the client achieved a favorable “contract status,” and the client increased its revenue.


Modification of Massachusetts Liquor License

Disciplines: Regulatory Compliance; Municipal Law; Licensing

Our retailer client held a Massachusetts liquor license for many years. After a comprehensive review of its retail strategy, the client determined that it needed a new physical and retail environment to retain and attract customers.

NLG met with client executives and retail staff. We prepared an application to the host municipality and to Massachusetts ABCC, in which we reflected the client’s objectives in writing and with supporting visual materials. We advanced the client’s interests in both municipal and state licensing forums, and completed the assignment on schedule and under budget.